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     We brought home Harley a 3-4 month old black velvet male in December 2008

     Also in December 2008 we found Natasha a 3-4 month old gray mosaic female

     01/02/09 Madilyn a 4-5 month old gray female came into our life.

     07/24/09 Delilah, 6 month pink white mosaic female was added to our family.

     In late August 2009, we decided that Madilyn was pregnant and took her to the vet and had a sonagram done to confirm our suspicions (YES A SONAGRAM) and yes we were having two new babies added to our family.

     09/24/09 Harley & Madilyn were the proud parents of 2 dark gray newborn boys (Spike & Gizmo, my son named them).

     12/24/09 we had our first sale. We departed with Spike.

     01/31/10 Sophie a 5month old Ebony Velvet Female came home with us.

     2/26/10 We brought home Sebastian, 12 week old pink white male

     2/28/10 Harley & Natasha's were proud parents of 3 babies, 2 pink/white males and 1 black velvet female.

     03/19/10 Harley & Delilah were the proud parents of 1 black velvet male baby.

     05/28/10 Harley & Natasha's black velvet female went to an awesome home.

     06/15/10 Sophie & Sebastian were the proud parents of 1 gray brown baby girl.

     07/17/10 Harley & Natasha's babies 2 pink/white males and Harley & Delilah's baby a black velvet male went to their very own families

     07/22/10 We brought home Imara, a 4 month black velvet female

     And amazingly one year exactly on 09/24/10 Harley & Madilyn had a dark gray girl & black male.

     On Friday 11/19/10, Natasha and Sebastian had a tiny little black baby, sadly the little baby passed away on Saturday, that is our first lost, and is so heartbreaking......

     On Sunday 11/28/10 Delilah & Harley had a little white with black spots baby girl

     In December 2010, Harley & Madilyn's little grey went off to a new home.

     On 3/21/11 Sophie & Sebastian's gray brown baby girl went to a very awesome home with 2 other chins for playmates. Yeah!!

     Harley & Madilyn's black male went to a new home July 11, 2011.

     On April 18, 2011 Imara and Sebastian had 3 new little kits...1 sadly died at 10 days, the other two little boys will go to there new home 8-18/2011.

     On June 28 Sophie & Sebastian had a little white baby

     On June 30 Madilyn & Harley had 2 little kits. Dark Grey & Black


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